A Guide to the MRCP Part 2 Written Paper by Anthony N. Warrens, Malcolm Persey, Michael Fertleman,

By Anthony N. Warrens, Malcolm Persey, Michael Fertleman, Stephen H. Powis, Alimuddin Zumla

Trainees in instruction for the MRCP exam will welcome the much-anticipated re-creation of this 'gold common' revision e-book. Revised and up-to-date all through to surround new advancements in scientific diagnostics and therapeutics, and restructured to mirror the new alterations within the layout of the half 2 written exam, the booklet maintains to provide a extra certain and examination-orientated procedure than different revision courses out there. The attraction of the ebook lies not just within the cautious adherence to the exam layout, but additionally within the worthy tricks it offers on examination method, with feedback of knowledge that may be useful whilst tackling the examination provided in a 'revision-friendly' boxed structure.

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8 mmol/L 124 μmol/L pending What further two investigations would you order? (a) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (b) SLE-serology (ANA and anti-DNA) (c) Transthoracic echocardiography (d) Anticardiolipin antibody (e) Chest x-ray (f) C-reactive protein (g) Further blood cultures (h) Electrocardiogram (i) Rheumatoid factor (j) Anti Scl-70 3 Other than appropriate blood pressure control, give two treatments you would consider for your first diagnosis: (a) Delivery of fetus (b) Warfarin (c) Heparin (d) Azathioprine (e) Cyclophosphamide (f) Magnesium (g) Methotrexate (h) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (i) Prednisolone (j) Vasodilators Questions: Exam A 2 28 Examination A Question 42 Questions: Exam A 1 What is the abnormality?

A) Aspergillosis precipitins (b) Skin tests for aspergilla sensitivity (c) Heaf test (d) Bronchoscopy (e) Sputum smear microscopy and culture (f) Serology for anti-BM antibodies (g) ANCA (h) Open lung biopsy (i) Rheumatoid factor and lupus serology (j) HIV test Questions: Exam A 1 24 Examination A Questions: Exam A Question 37 aVR V1 V4 aVL V2 V5 aVF V3 1 What is the most significant abnormality on this ECG? (a) Sinus tachycardia (b) Atrial fibrillation (c) Atrial flutter (d) Lateral ischaemia (e) Left axis deviation 2 How might you confirm this?

He drank heavily and smoked 30 cigarettes per day. He and his girlfriend had been treated for syphilis 3 months previously. 8°C, normotensive, and had a pulse of 100/min. He had mild jaundice, and tattoo marks on his right forearm. There were a few bilateral fine crackles on auscultation of the chest. His venepuncture sites were clean. There was no clinical evidence of deep vein thromboses of the calves. 8 kPa negative negative no abnormality What is the likely diagnosis? (a) Mycoplasma pneumonia (b) Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (c) Pulmonary tuberculosis (d) Legionella pneumonia (e) Amoxicillin-induced hepatitis 2 Which two investigations would you perform?

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