A History of Private Bill Legislation: by Frederick Clifford

By Frederick Clifford

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De pisce salito de Blakeney, 31 Edw. III. c. 3. 5 It appears from the second Charter of Richard I. to the City of London (in 1197), that the owners of weirs in the Thames paid certain dues in respect of them to the constable of the Tower on behalf of the king. 4 Highways. Statute labour. INTRODUCTION. for which successive Parliaments tried to ensure free passage to the upper waters, continued to be caught on their way in spite of statute. While doing its best to cheapen sea and river fish as food for the people, Parliament found that the old common law liability of parishes to maintain their highways was faulty, and that some more effective means must be provided in particular cases.

In some parishes, there was a person called aflock-master,who, during certain months of the year, could turn his sheep on all the lands of the parish. His right was Even now, in the Isle of A x - the present century, there were 289 holme, where small peasant freeholds scattered pieces of land, owned by 1 exist side by side, a deep furrow is 48 persons. often the only division to mark a remaining two-thirds, " each owner separate ownership. probably held in the parish three 2 This, indeed, was the primitive Taking into account the times as m a n y " separate parcels of method adopted in settling the choice land.

When a person owning in severalty a small quantity of commonable land let it to another person with whose holding it was intermixed, the separating balks were sometimes ploughed up, and in time, through neglect on one side and perhaps design on the other, it became impossible to identify the locality of these lands. (Blamire, ib. ) 2 A t Hitchin there was a common herdsman who drove the cows of the township daily to the common, or, at the proper season, to the Lammas meadows (Seebohm, p. 13) ; and, according to a custom of the manor, the rectors of Hitchin were bound to provide a common bull to go with the township cows.

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