Abdominal Pedicle Flaps To The Hand & Forearm by John C. Kelleher

By John C. Kelleher

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2H next Chapter Nine: THE OPEN ABDOMINAL FLAP EXAMPLES OF HAND RECONSTRUCTION USING OPEN DIRECT FLAPS Case No. 3: This case is an example of the exaggerated, relatively deep W incisions that were used on my later flaps. Besides allowing more flexibility, these deep W edges provide increased length for additional capillary bridging and therefore better blood supply in the flap. While not the case in this particular flap, I believe that this allows more tissue with better blood supply to be carried if needed for additional areas to be covered in later procedures.

The tube flap is used for deferred coverage of both sides of the reconstructed thumb index web space. At the time of the bony reconstruction, this tube will be opened in the center to allow access for the thumb reconstruction. The tube should not be opened and defatted until the deep bone and tendon work is completed otherwise the tissue will dry out and cause problems with circulation. Stage I. A tube flap was raised from the right lower quadrant measuring 9 cm in width by 18 cm in length. 4D).

V. Mosby Company, 1974 Kelleher, J. , Sullivan, J. , Baibak, G. , and Dean, R. : The Distant Pedicle Flap in Surgery of the Hand. Ortho. Clin. N. , 1:104-113, 1970 Kelleher, J. , Sullivan, J. , Baibak, G. , and Dean, R. : Use of a Tailored Abdominal Pedicle Flap for Surgical Reconstruction of the Hand. J. , 52A:1552-1562, 1970B Kelleher, J. , Sullivan, J. , Baibak, G. , Robinson, J. H. and Yanik, M. : Large Combined Axial Vessel Pattern Abdominal Pedicle Flap: Indications for Its Use in Surgery of the Hand.

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