Accuracy for Seventy Years 1860-1930 by Pratt Whitney

By Pratt Whitney

Entrance disguise has curling. Binding is tights pages are fresh.

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During the dull period from 1920 to 1925, Pratt & Whitney Company revised and re-designed its products — work which the feverish war activities had curtailed. It had been necessary to turn out machine tools in the quickest possible manner, and there was no time for new developments which were not absolutely essential. This re-creation period saw Pratt & Whitney engineers delving deeply into new metals and applying in a practical peace-time way the knowledge learned in war. New designs were worked out, better methods were developed, and Pratt & Whitney products were raised to new and better standards.

The Civil War had given to Pratt & Whitney its real start in the manufacture of firearms. It was the experience gained in this work that turned the thoughts of both men toward the idea of making interchangeable parts “as like as peas in a pod”. Work of such a precise nature had never been even attempted before, and the idea was scoffed at by seasoned mechanics. In those days every piece of machinery was assembled and fitted by hand, and no two parts supposedly the same would interchange. This new idea of interchangeability had been thought of and talked about to some extent by Eli Whitney and Samuel Colt, but it remained for Amos Whitney and F.

This growth necessarily had been almost overnight, and scant care had been given to the niceties of smooth production and ease in handling work through the plant. In 1924, the company analyzed carefully every detail of its manufacturing procedure and rearranged itself in a most efficient manner. Entire jobs were moved and re-equipped so that the kinks in the production line were straightened out, and the flow of work through the plant became smooth and highly efficient. The details of this house cleaning and reordering are unnecessary here, but it is sufficient to say that the plant became modern in every corner, with fresh paint gleaming from walls and ceilings.

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