An Introduction to Computer Programming with Java by Kingston J.H. (ed.)

By Kingston J.H. (ed.)

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We then ask the user (the person running the program) to enter their name and age, and we tell the computer to remember these as the variables your_name and your_age. We’re using Python’s input() function to tell Python that we want the user to enter (or input) something with the keyboard. Input is what we call information that’s entered into a program while it’s running—in this case, the user’s name and age. The part in quotes inside the parentheses, ("What is your name? "), is called the prompt because it prompts the user, or asks them a question requiring their input.

Left(90). This continues again and again. By the time x gets to 99, the last time through the loop, the pen is drawing the long lines around the outside of the square spiral. 2. Younger readers may recognize x as the unknown, like when they solve x + 4 = 6 to find the unknown x. Older readers may recognize x from an algebra class or another mathematics course; this is where early programmers borrowed the concept of a variable from. There’s a lot of good math in coding: we’ll even see some cool geometry examples as we move forward.

It’s right in their name: they vary! 20 Chapter 2 The next thing we need to do is change the pen color every time we step through the drawing loop. pencolor() function into the group of instructions under the for loop. We also need to tell the pencolor function that we want to use one of the colors from the list. Type the following code and run it. left(91) The list of four colors makes sense, and we can see them in the running example (Figure 2-5). So far, so good. Figure 2-5: A much more colorful version of our square spiral program The only new part is the (colors[x%4]) in the pencolor function.

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