An Introduction to Python and Computer Programming by Yue Zhang (auth.)

By Yue Zhang (auth.)

This publication introduces Python programming language and primary strategies in algorithms and computing. Its audience contains scholars and engineers with very little historical past in programming, who have to grasp a pragmatic programming language and study the fundamental pondering in computing device science/programming. the most contents come from lecture notes for engineering scholars from all disciplines, and has bought excessive scores. Its fabrics and ordering were adjusted many times in accordance with school room reception. in comparison to substitute textbooks available in the market, this ebook introduces the underlying Python implementation of quantity, string, record, tuple, dict, functionality, type, example and module items in a constant and easy-to-understand means, making project, functionality definition, functionality name, mutability and binding environments comprehensible inside-out. by means of giving the abstraction of implementation mechanisms, this ebook builds an excellent knowing of the Python programming language.

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For example, −13 + 13 can be performed by 11110011 +) 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 ----------100000000 With the first bit being discarded (it runs out of the 8-bit boundary, and hence cannot be recorded by 8-bit physical media), the result is 0, the correct answer. A third useful interpretation of information is floating point numbers. When sound is concerned, floating point numbers give a more convenient model of the pitches in sound wave samples. As discussed earlier, all floating point numbers cannot be represented using a finite amount of information, and therefore some have to be truncated when represented using a computer word.

The Python program can also be executed directly using Python, under a text console. On a Linux or Mac OS, Terminal is the default text console. Zhangs - MacBook - Pro : a n y w h e r e $ cd Zhangs - MacBook - Pro :~ y u e _ z h a n g $ cd D e s k t o p / Zhangs - MacBook - Pro : D e s k t o p y u e _ z h a n g $ p y t h o n s a v i n g s . 35 Zhangs - MacBook - Pro : D e s k t o p y u e _ z h a n g $ On a Windows OS, the Command Line tool is the default text console. C :\ anywhere > cd % u s e r p r o f i l e % C :\ U s e r s \ yuezhang > cd D e s k t o p C :\ U s e r s \ y u e z h a n g \ Desktop > p y t h o n s a v i n g .

Cos ( math . 0 > > > math . tan (3* math . pi ) - 3 . 6 7 3 9 4 0 3 9 7 4 4 2 0 5 9 4 e -16 > > > math . 5707963267948966 > > > math . 0 > > > math . 5607966601082315 Note the rounding off errors in some of the examples above. All angles in the functions above are represented by radians. radians function takes a single argument x, and converts x from degrees to radians. atanh(x), which calculate the hyperbolic sine, the hyperbolic cosine, the hyperbolic tangent, the inverse hyperbolic sine, the inverse hyperbolic cosine, and the inverse hyperbolic tangent of x, respectively.

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