Ancillary Stories in the Sanskrit Mahabharata by Barbara Gombach

By Barbara Gombach

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As Yudhi s. t h i ra the The a n c i l l a r y relationship I4sanskrit i s t Dan4 e l I n g a l 1s regards t h i s o r a l - f o r m u l a i c expression as a Mbh c l icheI t h a t is a formula t h a t is frozen. tie has found t h a t t h e fo1 lowing ha1f gloka occurs 108 times i n t h e epi c : atrapyudaharantzmamft fhasam pur&tanam. Qani e l H H. I n g a l 1s and Daniel H. H. I n g a l I s s T h e Mahabharata: S t y 1 is t i c Study, Computer Anal y s i s and Concordance, R e Journal o f South Asian L i t e r a t u r e 20, no.

Hi sown chronology of the epic's composition has been widely accepted. perhaps in large part because vers i fi cat i on and 1 i terature and hi s of his carefu 1 phi 1 osophi cal thorough scholarship deli neat i on of school s on the Sanskri t of di fferent peri ods apparently known to the epic poets: ... we may tentatively assume as approximate dates of the whole work in its different stages: Bharata 24Hopkins. The Great Epic of India. 363. The passage also contains a veiled rebuke of Joseph Dah1mann's theory.

Based 20Moriz Winternitz. History of Indian Literature. , trans. from the German into Engl i sh with add;tions by Subhadra Jha (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass. 1967. vol. 3. Part 1), 382383. 34 scholars o f t h e Mbh have regarded them as i n c i d e n t a l t o t h e so-called main s t o r y o f the Bharata war. E. W. Hopkins "It appears t o be a heterogeneous concluded about t h e epic: c o l l e c t i on o f s t r i ngs wound about a nucl eus almost l o s t s i g h t of. The nucleus, however, J.

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