Apple Training Series: Mac OS X v10.4 System Administration by Schoun Regan

By Schoun Regan

Product Description: Focusing particularly on Account administration and Deploying Mac OS X Server, this accomplished reference offers in-depth details on Mac OS X Servers technical structure. approach directors, IT execs, and Mac fans will study the main points of ways to set up Mac OS X Server inside of a multiplatform, heterogeneous surroundings, and the way to control Mac OS X Server debts. this can be the second one of 2 volumes qualified via Apple desktop. Following the educational ambitions of the Apple qualified approach Administrator examination, this booklet is an ideal complement to Apples personal education type and an in-depth technical reference for current approach directors and engineers.

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3. If you're using a FireWire hard drive or any G3-based model, choose "Read-only" for faster restores. " 4. Choose to enable or disable: • File-level restore checksumming, necessary if saving to a mounted AFP share point. • Multicast restore post-processing, which will save time when creating the image if multicast restores will not be used. 5. Authenticate, and then click Create Master Image. You are prompted to save the image. Part 1: Deployment 43 44 Part 1: Deployment You need twice the available space on the target volume of the source.

By using NetBoot or Radmind (see the Appendix, "Using Radmind") in your environment, you ensure that every time your computer is booted, the files in your operating system have not been tampered with and are the original files provided by your image. This significantly reduces the likelihood of malicious software living on your computer, and also protects against unauthorized user changes on public workstations. 50 Part 1: Deployment Part 1: Deployment 51 Lesson Review 1. What command-line tools are used to work with disk images?

The master disk image can be any ASR-ready disk image created with NetRestore or Disk Utility and placed on a file or Web server. 6. Select the configuration in the list of configurations and click Restore. If the image mounts, then you have set up the configuration correctly. 7. Copy the image set to /Library/NetBoot/NetBootSPn on your NetBoot server, and enable the image in Server Admin. 8. Reboot your client computer from the server, and restore your master image set. We've primarily discussed why these methods are a convenient way to administer computers.

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